0 A.D. Development Report #14

Wildfire Games, the international group developing 0 A.D. – Empires Ascendant, is happy to present the 14th 0 A.D. development report (10 September – 10 October).

Wildfire Games has launched a crowdfunding campaign via IndieGoGo, with the aim of raising $40,000 in the next 3 days. If successful, the funds from this campaign will go toward paying team members to work on the game full-time (40+ hours per week)! This is a “flexible” fundraiser, meaning we get the money no matter if we meet our goals or not. For our fans, that means more features and better performance. Our stretch goals include another year of paid development so we can create an exciting single player campaign for the game! Click the logo below to check out our campaign!


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Featured Contributor: Pureon

It’s time again to take a closer look at one of the contributors to 0 A.D. This time we’ve chosen to feature Pureon, one of the most versatile contributors we have, but I’ll let him elaborate on that below. Let’s just say that it was an easy decision to feature him, and that we are very grateful that he’s part of the Wildfire Games team and community. Continue reading

Featured contributor: myconid

If you’ve been reading the latest development updates the name myconid should be familiar to you. If not: he’s the one who’s been working on adding lots of new graphics capabilities to the game, which have made the game look a lot better (take a look at the latest development updates/the last release announcement if you haven’t already to get a glimpse of what he has made possible). Because of that it was not a difficult decision to make him the featured contributor this time, and without further ado here’s a quick interview with him: Continue reading

Small forum changes

Nothing too drastic this time, only a few measures against spammers. First we’ve replaced the generic questions people have to answer to be able to complete the registration (they were as simple as “What is 1 + 2?”, something that’s used on many sites and thus is easy for spammers to get around) with more 0 A.D. specific ones. Continue reading

Featured contributor: Deiz

This time we feature Deiz, one of the more recent contributors to join the team, but also one of the more productive recently. He’s mostly been working on tons of smaller things that together have improved the game enormously, for example he’s made improvements to walls and gates, the in-game chat, added the ability to resign and improved that, and a lot more. So, without further ado, let’s get to the interview: Continue reading

Member and OS Contributor of the Month November 2011

It’s time for the third part in the series where we take a closer look at some of the people working on creating 0 A.D. This time the honor goes to two people who have distinguished themselves by doing great work, in part in November, but as with the first month it’s just as much their overall contribution that we want to highlight. The Member of the Month is Omri Lahav (OmriLahav at the forums), who has been and continues to be, composing the stellar music that will make the game so much more enjoyable. OS Contributor of the Month is Rico Tzschichholz (ricotz in the IRC channels), who is maintaining the 0 A.D. PPAs for Ubuntu, both the release and the development one. It’s thanks to his work that Ubuntu users are able to enjoy not only an easy way to install the release version of the game, but also have an easy way to follow the development via the development versions he makes available regularly. Continue reading