Get Support

As 0 A.D. is still in alpha phase, there are still many problems we need to fix and features we need to implement. Nevertheless, you can find support for 0 A.D. from a variety of sources. Take a look — you’re likely to find an answer to every question.

Frequently Asked Questions

See the FAQ on the wiki.

Web Forums

Register to our forums and ask the people in our active bug reports forum. You can also search the complete history of questions and answers.

Live Support Chat

You can also speak with the 0 A.D. community directly using our internet relay chat (IRC) channel: #0ad on QuakeNet.

Technical Issue Tracking System

Developers and technically inclined users may use the Trac system to help us keep tabs on bugs and other issues. New tickets should include all information necessary to reproduce the bug. Thanks.

Known Issues

Although we have made a great deal of progress, there are still many things left to implement and fix in 0 A.D. Here is a partial list (full list here):

  • Lag – The game does not run as fast as we would like because of several reasons, mainly pertaining AI and pathfinding. The problem worsens in these conditions: (1) when there are many units on the map, (2) on island maps, and (3) with multiple AI players.
  • Visual glitches or textures not loaded – Sometimes this is a driver problem. Please make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card.
  • Missing animations – Some units glide around or don’t drop to the ground when killed. This is a work in progress.
  • Sound problems – We have implemented a new sound system in Alpha 11 and it still has several bugs. We intend to fix them in future alphas.
  • Errors and crashes – Unfortunately, these can happen for many possible reasons, and a closer look is needed to determine the source of the problem. Please follow the instructions on this page to report any errors. Thanks in advance for helping us improve 0 A.D.