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I have a technical problem with 0 A.D.!

  • We’re sorry you’ve been running into problems with 0 A.D.
  • It’s a work in progress, so it can be buggy sometimes.
  • Please read the support page to find ways for us to try to figure it out together.

    I want to help out!

    Great! Thanks! Please read the following:

    • If you would like to help program the game, you’re invited to get your feet wet and get involved. No applications necessary.
    • If you would like to join the project in any capacity besides programmingwe welcome your applications here. We are looking for visual artists (2d and 3d), animators, sound artists, technical writers, video editors and more.
    • If you want to translate 0 A.D. into your own language (e.g., French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, …): Please see the Localization page on our wiki for more information..

    I have something else to say!

    • If you have something to say or ask that is not covered above, you are invited to email webmaster, which is at wildfiregames dot com.