Awards and Acclaim

Selected Critical Acclaim for 0 A.D.:

“The landscape of PC gaming is littered with bright ideas and good intentions: both of those things seem true of 0 A.D.” – Jim Rossignol, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“With a codebase of over 150k lines of C++ code plus 25k lines in development tools, this is looking like a fairly promising entrant into the open source RTS field. The screenshots are definitely pretty, to say the least.” – Slashdot

“Gorgeous graphics, with beautiful 3D rendering [… T]his is the first RTS I’m actually enthused about” – John Knight, Linux Journal

“One of the most fantastic games that is being developed right now in the open source community. […] It’s really showing that if you spend enough time, and if you spend enough energy and resources, you can really pull off a game that is 100% worth playing.” – InfinitelyGalactic Reviews

“[T]he most exciting game available for Linux. It still has a long way to go before being completed but I am confident that the game will, like some of ancient civilisations within it, grow into something special; A milestone sure to be noted in the history of Linux gaming.” –  Georgi Karavasilev, OMG!Ubuntu!

“With its incredible art and intelligent gameplay, however, 0 A.D. stands poised to [demonstrate] that an open-source project powered by volunteers can produce a modern, cross-platform game on par with the expensive Windows-only packages developed by commercial houses.” – Christopher Tozzi, The VAR Guy