Small forum changes

Nothing too drastic this time, only a few measures against spammers. First we’ve replaced the generic questions people have to answer to be able to complete the registration (they were as simple as “What is 1 + 2?”, something that’s used on many sites and thus is easy for spammers to get around) with more 0 A.D. specific ones. Second, from now on newly registered users will not be able to include URLs in their signatures. This is only a limitation for new users, and as before, once you’ve posted five posts you’re moved up to another user group that is allowed to: include URLs in their signature, use the PM system, and all the other things all users can :) It’s sad that we have to do things like this, but as long as there are spammers out there we need to have ways to combat them. We hope you understand why we’re doing these things, and also that you find these restrictions reasonable.

(We’re also grateful for everyone who keeps sending in reports when they see a suspicious spam post, that helps make sure that the spammers who do get through our filters will not be able to have their spam seen for a long time, so thanks (y) )