Welcome to the New 0 A.D. Website!

Wildfire Games proudly presents the new 0 A.D. website, a new showcase for the game and FOSS project we have all grown to love.

You’ll notice that the content has been redone, the design better reflects the interface within the game 0 A.D., and it is easier to get to download the version of 0 A.D. that is right for you.

New Address

The new website is available on http://play0ad.com.

Please point your RSS readers to the new website if needed.

(The old website will remain at http://www.wildfiregames.com/0ad for posterity and so as not to break any links to old pages. We’ll put up a notice soon.)

New Features

A new game manual, with video tutorials, is available on the new website, to help newbies negotiate the complexities of an RTS game. (Thanks, BrynnOfCastlegate!)

Also, the global navigation on the top right corner will help surfers navigate between the main website, intended for a broad audience, and the forums and development wiki, which are usually for hardcore fans and developers.

For the more technically inclined readers, the current website runs on WordPress and conforms to modern web standards, which is important and a big step forward from our older website.


A huge round of applause goes to the team members who made this thing happen:

  • MishFTW
  • Brian Stempin (bstempi)
  • GerbilOFDoom
  • Ludovic Celle (Ludo38)
  • Michael Hafer (Mythos_Ruler), and
  • Pureon

Please enjoy and give feedback on the new website on our forums!