We Won!

We won SourceForge’s June Project of the Month poll!

It was neck and neck for days with Sourcefabric’s Newscoop, a FOSS CMS for news websites, but finally, after a hair-raising run for the finish by both contenders, we won by 3 votes (527 to 524)!

This means 0 A.D. will get featured on SourceForge’s blog and mailing list, lending the project high visibility among a new audience of FOSS developers. Reaching out to such large, technically minded audiences helps attract new contributors and speed up the game’s development.

Thanks to the hundreds of our dedicated fans who voted, and a courteous hat tip to Newscoop, for putting up a great fight and for their excellent sportsmanship.

Last but not least, special thanks to 0 A.D. contributor Kieran (k776) for his initiative and leadership in this event. Way to go!