Team Blog – Icon showcase

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve created some new structure and technology icons over the past few Alpha releases. Below we’ll give you some insight on how these icons come to life.

The icons themselves are created at 128×128 pixels or larger, but must remain recognizable when scaled down to 40×40 pixels when used on the game’s user interfaces. This need for scalability means the full size icons must have high contrast colours and sometimes include exaggerated shapes, otherwise they will fade and blur too much when scaled down.

0AD icons

A few of you have asked how I create icons, so above is an image showing how they can develop from a concept sketch to the finished icon. The handcart technology icon started as a very simple 3D model created in Blender, with texturing applied to a render of the model using Photoshop (GIMP can easily achieve the same result). The Military Engineers icon (above right) started out as a quick rough sketch on a piece of paper which was then scanned and then textured over using Photoshop.


0AD structure icons

Above are some of the new structure icons we’ve created over the past few months. Many of these are simply higher-definition versions of icons that have been in 0 A.D. for many years, while others are for new buildings or have been redesigned completely.




Technology icons such as those above could eventually appear in Tech/Structure trees. Here’s a Structure Tree design concept:

0AD tech tree

Ideally this will evolve from a static design concept into an online interactive Structure Tree that updates itself whenever changes are made to 0 A.D.


Last but not least, here are some animal and special object icons:

icons animals

I’m not very good at human faces, so some of you may recognize the couple in the above image from the 0 A.D. main menu illustration.

Another reason for showing these animal icons is because we still need around 40 or more icons for animals, and we need someone with good illustration skills to take on this task.

If you’d like to comment on any of these, or have any questions, please do so here.