8. Technologies and Phases


Technologies, or techs, are economic or military bonuses that can be “researched” (bought) for resources at designated buildings. Hover over the technology buttons to learn about the costs and benefits of each technology.

In 0 A.D., some technologies come in mutually exclusive pairs: This means that within each pair, you can either research one technology or the other, but not both in the same game. These technology pairs are represented on your screen by a link symbol “connecting” two buttons.


0 A.D. describes the progression of a city from humble beginnings to greatness in three phases: the Village Phase, the Town Phase, and the City Phase. When the game starts, you are already in the Village Phase. If you want to progress to the Town and City Phases, you need to research each of these at the Civic Center.

Phases are like technologies, but much more valuable, because by reaching a new phase you unlock many new types of buildings, units and technologies. Researching each phase is not only expensive but also requires you to have constructed certain buildings:

  • Advancing to the Town Phase costs 500 Food, 500 Wood, and requires having built five buildings of any type, except palisades and farm fields. (Five houses, for example, are sufficient, and so are three houses, a mill and a farmstead.)
  • Advancing to the City Phase costs 1000 Stone and 1000 Metal, and requires having built four buildings of any type that becomes available in the Town Phase (except Walls and Civ Centers).

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