2. User Interface Basics

The following inputs affect what happens on screen:

  • Selecting objects: Left-click to select an object, such as a building or a unit. (Notice an outline appears on the ground at the base of the selected object.) You can select many objects at once by dragging the mouse.
  • Tasks: If you right-click when a unit is selected, you tell it to do something. If you right-click an empty piece of ground: the unit will move there; right-click an enemy unit: it will attack it; right-click a tree, it will chop it to gather wood, etc.
  • Moving the camera: Move the mouse towards an edge of the screen to move the camera in that direction and see more of the game world. Also: You can press the arrow keys (or the w, a, s or d keys) to move the camera.
  • Rotate map: Either with Shift + Mouse wheel rotation, or with the Q and E keys.

Further reading

A full list of hotkeys is on the 0 A.D. Development Wiki.

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