Hello and welcome to the Battles section of the 0 AD History Archive. In this section, you will find information on a wide variety of battles that span 500 B.C. to 500 AD.

Our earliest article is on the Battle of Regillus Lake in 509 B.C. in the earliest years of the Roman Republic and our latest article is on the controversial Battle of Badon Hill. In this time warfare in the ancient world changed dramatically, perhaps the most visible change of all was the change of decisive arm. By the time of game start heavily armed infantrymen were the rulers of the field, battles were often decided by the infantry. By the time of game end infantry, while still playing a role, were displaced by cavalry as the decisive arm. Perhaps the best example of this change is the Romans. Rome began as a strong infantry power; Roman power was built on the backs of the Legions. But by the time of the Fall of the West the Roman Empire had become a cavalry power. The heavily armed cavalryman decided the fate of battles. Infantry would not regain battlefield dominance until the invention of gunpowder.

This period was host to many famous battles. Many of the most remembered battles in history happened with in the time frame of 0 AD. In the early period we have such battles as Salamis, Granicus, Raphia, Cannae, Carrhae, Alesia, and Pharsalus. In the later period we have such famous battles as Milvian Bridge, Adrianople, and Chalons. These battles are remembered because they held some special quality, like changing the course of history, making one man’s career, or a great tragedy. Here in the 0 AD history archive we try to include all of these battles, as well as some of the lesser known, but nevertheless important, ones. Like Cunaxa, the Roman-Parthian and later Sassanian conflicts, Regillus Lake and other early Roman battles, and the battles of the Maccabees. These battles are not as well-known as some of the more famous ones but are nevertheless just as important. Which is why we try to include them.

In conclusion, the time between 500 B.C. and 500 AD is a rich period for the study of battles. Starting with the turmoil that gave birth to the Roman Republic and the beginnings of the titanic clash between Persia and the Hellenic cities. And ending with the first battles between rival claimants to the title ‘Successor of Rome’ as well as the battles of the early phase of the Anglo-Saxon Wars in Britain. This period is one of great change and revolution in the art of war.