0 A.D. Source Code

To compile 0 A.D. from the source, you need two files:

The .xz files are smaller but may require you to install XZ Utils.

Extract both files to the same location:

# Extract .xz version into the current directory:
tar xvJf 0ad-0.0.25b-alpha-unix-build.tar.xz
tar xvJf 0ad-0.0.25b-alpha-unix-data.tar.xz

# Or, if your tar is older than 1.22:
xz -cd 0ad-0.0.25b-alpha-unix-build.tar.xz | tar xv
xz -cd 0ad-0.0.25b-alpha-unix-data.tar.xz | tar xv

# Or, if you downloaded the .gz version:
tar xvzf 0ad-0.0.25b-alpha-unix-build.tar.gz
tar xvzf 0ad-0.0.25b-alpha-unix-data.tar.gz

Then follow the build instructions using the files from this release instead of downloading from SVN.

Checksums and signatures

You can verify the md5 and sha1 sums of the files, as well as the signature provided by Wildfire Games: they can be found at releases.wildfiregames.com next to the download links.
Files are signed with the Ed25519 public-key signature system, using the following public key:


We recommend using minisign to verify the file signatures.

0 A.D. is Still a Work in Progress

The game is currently under heavy development, and many features are currently missing. This release is an alpha version, not a complete game.